Mike King, Cinematographer/Editor

Mike has extensive experience shooting film and video on a wide variety of formats: HD, 35mm, 16mm, and analog. He also knows his way around a range of editing software, from Media 100 to Special FX to Final Cut Pro. In the studio, around a set, or on location, Mike provides Imagewerx customers with a reassuring sense of professionalism, listening to client needs while applying his creative vision and technical talents to every shot. In the feature/documentary arena, Mike has been very prolific, shooting four features for Full Moon Entertainment alone. He was one of the first DPs to utilize the Panasonic SDX900 for a feature and was highlighted on their promotional DVD for the camera system.  He photographed two projects for filmmaker Steven Bognar, Personal Belongings and Gravel, and both had screenings at Sundance. Other filmmakers Mike has worked with include: David Decouteau (The Frightening); J. Todd Anderson, storyboard artist to the Coen Bros., (HD feature, My Mummy); Tom Hobbs (award-winning Indian Ways and Coyote Monday); and Lonzo Jones (award-winning educational films) among others. His recent projects include documentaries for director Aileen LeBlanc: Dayton Codebreakers was broadcast on over 100 PBS stations nationwide and was nominated for a regional Emmy for best photography. He attended Wright State University graduating with a BFA in Motion Picture Production, and he has earned a dedicated following from the underground cult films Deadbeat At Dawn, Roadkill, My Sweet Satan and The Manson Family. Mike first started making short films with his parents’ Super 8mm camera when he was 11 years old and experimented with special effects; model building, animation and multiple-exposure. His parents still believe in him.

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